10 Herbs for Treating Acne


Go for herbs if you really want overnight results. Yes, They do work overnight!

Here is a list of 10 herbs that help treat acne(again, depending on what works for you)-
(by direct application on the affected area)

1.Aloe Vera-takes care of marks left by zits or pimples.
2.Almond Oil– replenishes the skin of lost nutrients.
3.Sandalwood(paste)-purifies the blood and prevents further outbreaks of acne.
4.Rose Water-helps in reducing the inflammation of the pimples.
5.Papaya(paste)-helps in digestion and purifies the blood.
6.Mint(juice)-used as anti-inflammatory agent.
7.Mustard(white)-relieves the digestive system and thus helps in acne cure.
8.Orange Peel-contains essential oils that can kill the bacterial cells forming the pus.
9.Calamus Oil-relieves the pain caused due to pimples.
10.Camphor-provides numbness to the painful areas of pimples.