Urinary incontinence is a medical condition where there is involuntary loss of urine. This medical
condition is seen in many women across age groups. While some women’s symptoms are restricted
to only a few drops of urine, some other women lose a large amount of urine due to urinary
incontinence. Many of these women who have urinary incontinence prevent themselves from
enjoying with family and friends due to the risk of public embarrassment. It is said that women
suffer from urinary incontinence twice as often as men.
Some of the common types of urinary incontinence include stress incontinence, urge incontinence,
incontinence caused due to an overactive bladder, functional incontinence, overflow incontinence,
and others. Each type of incontinence is caused due to specific factors. We suggest different
treatment methods depending on the type of incontinence and the patient.
The pelvic floor region is another important part under urogynecology. Women suffer from pelvic
floor disorders due to a weakening of the pelvic floor or damage to the pelvic floor which can be
caused due to various reasons like childbirth, surgery, obesity, etc. Pelvic floor disorders also lead to
urinary incontinence, apart from pelvic pain, difficulty emptying the bladder, etc.
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