PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is experienced by many women just before their menstrual cycle is
set to begin. It has a wide range of symptoms and is usually seen the most among those in their 20’s
and 30’s. Some of the symptoms commonly experienced by women suffering from premenstrual
syndrome include fatigue, mood swings and irritability, weight gain, flare-up of acne, headache, food
cravings and change in appetite, and many others. Some symptoms are so intense that they leave
many women bereft of any energy or enthusiasm to carry on with their daily routines. There are a
few other lucky women who hardly experience any premenstrual syndrome symptoms.
There are no specific causes of premenstrual syndrome but a few specific factors which can be
attributed to the presence of premenstrual syndrome in some women are stress, depression, poor
eating habits, etc. A change in lifestyle and eating habits greatly helps in easing the symptoms of
premenstrual syndrome.
There are various approaches to deal with premenstrual syndrome including holistic approaches.
Before taking up a particular approach to deal with premenstrual syndrome, it is important to
consult a doctor. We will suggest the right approach to deal with premenstrual syndrome based on
your symptoms.
If you suffer from premenstrual syndrome or have symptoms indicating premenstrual syndrome or
have any questions related to PMS, please call us on 9811132693 to fix up an appointment for a
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