Minimal Access Surgery – Laproscopy

Uterine fibroid is one of the most common benign tumor in women. No treatment is required for
those cases of uterine fibroids where it is asymptomatic. On the other hand, certain cases of uterine
fibroids give rise to heavy menstrual bleeding in which case these women experience menstrual
cramps. Often, those women with uterine fibroids find it difficult to conceive.
The diagnosis primarily is a hemoglobin test to detect anemia post which a clinical examination is
usually conducted. Usually, we also carry out an ultrasound pelvic scan is conducted to be sure of
the existence of uterine fibroids.
In cases where there are no symptoms, the patient is advised not to go in for any sort of treatment
except for regular scans to keep a check on the size of the fibroids.
In some cases, medication does the trick while in some sever cases of uterine fibroids, surgery is the
only option. The surgery option for uterine fibroids is generally minimal access surgery carried out
through laproscopy and hysterectomy. Depending on which stage of the family life cycle the woman
is in, the appropriate form of laproscopy or hysterectomy is carried out.
Ovarian cysts are often accompanied with no significant symptoms except for pelvic pain, swelling in
the abdomen close to the pelvis, mild irregularity in menstruation, etc. Minimal access surgery is
often used as a surgical treatment option for ovarian cysts.
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