Menstrual Disturbances

Ideally, a teenager who has been menstruating for a few years should have a regular menstrual
cycle. But, irregularities in the menstrual cycle do arise in menstruating girls and women due to a
variety of reasons. While some women and girls might experience irregularities in terms of heavy
menstrual bleeding, some others experience irregularity through irregular menstrual cycles.
Some of the common forms of irregular menstrual cycles include anovulatory bleeding, ovulatory
bleeding, and dysmenorrhea. Anovulatory bleeding is when a girl doesn’t start menstruating by 16
years of age, or she doesn’t menstruate for 3 months at a stretch but is not pregnant, etc. Ovulatory
bleeding is when a girl or woman has heavy menstrual bleeding or menstrual bleeding that lasts for
8 days or more regularly. Dysmenorrhea is a menstrual irregularity where the menstruating woman
or girl experiences painful menstruation which can also include painful menstrual cramps.
Dysmenorrhea can also refer to scanty periods.
When a woman or girl goes through such menstrual irregularities, it is important to consult a doctor
for guidance on the course of treatment to be followed in order to ease these menstrual
We offer consultations for all sorts of menstrual irregularities, like heavy menstrual bleeding, scanty
menstruation, absent periods, delayed periods, and also prolonged periods. If you suffer from any of
these menstrual irregularities or have any questions regarding the same, please call us on
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