Menopause is when a woman has her last menstrual cycle and this also ends her fertility period.
During this period, it is common for women to experience varied physical changes like weight gain,
thinning of hair, lowered metabolism, and others. But each woman experiences a different set of
symptoms during the period leading up to menopause, which is otherwise known as
perimenopause. But, on the whole, it is fairly common for women to skip menstrual cycles in the
perimenopause phase. There are various causes of menstruation apart from the natural decline in
fertility levels. Some of these include cancer treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy,
hysterectomy, and others.
It is important to maintain good health in the perimenopause period so as to minimize the health
complications and severity of symptoms during the perimenopause and menopause phases. Few of
the complications that might arise from menopause include cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis,
urinary incontinence, etc. We have a team of doctors who will guide you on your overall health
during your perimenopause and menopause phases.
Osteoporosis is a medical condition of the bones. It is said that women are four times more likely to
suffer from osteoporosis than men. Osteoporosis is said to cause weakening and loss of bones.
Osteoporosis is caused due to various reasons. Some of the causes of osteoporosis include family
history, age, gender, body weight, bone structure, and others. Women over the age of 50 are said to
be at greater risk for osteoporosis.
Many women suffer from hormone imbalance issues but are diagnosed quite some time after their
menarche. Also, very often a hormonal imbalance problem is incorrectly diagnosed as Bipolar
Disorder which impacts the woman in a big way. Hormonal imbalance leads to other medical
conditions, physical and psychological. For an accurate treatment plan to be chalked out, it is
important to get the right diagnosis.
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