Endometriosis is a painful medical condition affecting women. In endometriosis, the inner lining of
the uterus, medically known as endometrium, starts growing outside the uterus. The condition of
endometriosis most often involves the ovaries, the tissue lining the pelvis, or the bowel.
Although the endometrium starts growing outside the uterus, it performs the same functions it is
meant to perform. Basically, what happens now is that the tissue that thickens, breaks down, and
bleeds during every menstrual cycle has no path to exit from your body. So, it becomes trapped.
When a large amount of this tissue gets accumulated, over time, they convert to cysts which are
called endometriomas. Endometriosis causes a lot of pain during your periods.
Endometriosis has varied causes. Some of these include embryonic cell growth, disorders of the
immune system, flowback of the menstrual blood containing the endometrial cells into the fallopian
tubes, etc.
Some of the symptoms associated with endometriosis include painful periods or dysmenorrhea, pain
when passing bowels during your periods, infertility, and others. But, the primary symptom
associated with endometriosis is pelvic pain.
The scale of pain suffered by women with endometriosis is not an accurate estimate of the extent of
endometriosis. This is because a woman might suffer from extensive pain when she has mild
endometriosis while a woman with an advanced level of endometriosis might suffer from little or no
Infertility and ovarian cancer are complications associated with endometriosis.
It is important for women suffering from endometriosis to consult a doctor. We will guide you on the
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