A pregnant woman is said to deliver normally when her overall health during the pregnancy is good. For this, the pregnant woman has to follow the right diet, exercise regularly and lead a stress-free lifestyle. These are essential factors which determine if a woman will have a natural childbirth or normal delivery. Normal delivery is a natural process of childbirth where no surgery is involved. Most pregnant women prefer to go for a normal delivery as opposed to a caesarean section. With a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, most pregnant women are capable of delivering normally.

An instrumental delivery or assisted birth is a process of childbirth wherein forceps are used to bring out the baby. Sometimes, instrumental deliveries can prove harmful to either the baby or the mother or both. That is why as far as possible, we prefer a normal delivery over assisted birth. Generally, an assisted birth is carried out if the baby is unable to come out, or you are unable to push anymore because of exhaustion, etc.
A caesarean section is performed only when we perceive a danger either to the baby or the mother. A caesarean section typically involves a surgery by which the baby is taken out from the mother’s abdomen. In certain instances, a caesarean section is planned well in advance while in certain cases the delivery is done through a caesarean section due to a medical emergency.

Some of the common reasons for delivery through caesarean section include multiple previous caesareans, incorrect position of the baby in the womb, health of the mother, and others. We also perform a caesarean section when twins or higher order multiples have to be delivered. Caesarean sections are generally performed on women carrying more than one baby.

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