Contraception or birth control is a process which lets you decide when you want to have a baby and
whether you want to have a baby or not. This is a method used by couples to protect the sexual
health of both. There are various contraception methods and you should choose what works best for
There are natural methods of contraception as well which include Fertility Awareness Method and
Natural Family Planning.
Oral contraceptive pills or birth control pills are quite popular these days. Since it is convenient to
pop in a pill rather than go in search of a contraceptive method which works best for you, many
couples opt for oral contraceptive pills these days. These oral contraceptives come as 21 day and 28
day packages. When a woman is taking oral contraceptives, it is important for her not to miss any
dose and even if she misses, it should be taken as soon as she realizes. The 21 day package involves a
woman taking the oral contraceptives on a daily basis for 21 days followed by a 7 day period of no
medication while the 28 day package requires the woman to take oral contraceptives daily for 21
days followed by 7 days of placebo tablets. These placebo tablets do not contain any medication as
Barrier methods of contraception like male condom, female condom, cervical cap, and others are
used only during sexual intercourse. At the same time, it is important to use these barriers correctly
during sexual intercourse. Each type of barrier has a particular method of removal post sexual
intercourse. Apart from oral contraceptives and barrier methods of contraception, there are
contraceptive devices as well. This is commonly referred to as Intra Uterine Device (IUD) of which
there are two types – Copper IUD and Hormonal IUD. These are used based on whether it suits the
person or not.
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