Symptoms Of Acne

Here are the most common symptoms of acne:

1.In the beginning stages, there are small pimples or zits that appear on the face. These pimples are observed more in the pores on the face, because they are the external openings of the sebaceous glands. Apart from that, the pimples can also appear on the shoulders, upper-arms, back and chest.

2.On the face, the pimples are more observed on the cheeks, forehead, nose and the chin. Pimples can be painless, or they can be itchy with pain.

3. The pimples may appear as small pinheads, which grow with time. Pus may develop and the pimples may become hard. If pus develops, then the pimples get a yellow color on the surface.

4.In a couple of days, the pimples erupt and dry off. This leaves behind a pockmark, which causes disfiguration of the face.

5.During an outburst of acne, the face becomes oily. There may also be increased sweating on the face.