Pregnancy Care: 3 Immunity Boosting Foods For Pregnant Women


Pregnancy Care - 3 Immunity Boosting Foods For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in the life of a woman. It is also a period of life when a woman who is going to transition from being a daughter and a wife to becoming a mother has changing needs in terms of nutrition and health. Pregnancy is the period of life where the expecting mother needs to have her highest levels of immunity. Here are 3 immunity boosting foods you should have as part of you pregnancy care.


One of the simplest and probably the tastiest natural foods you can have to boost your immunity is yoghurt. This natural, much loved food item contains a lot of nutrients which not only provide nourishment to the expecting mother and the growing foetus, but also which boosts the immunity of the mother-to-be. Probiotic curd/yoghurt especially is full of good bacteria which provides enough immunity to the expectant mother. The wonderful part about yoghurt is it can be eaten directly in its natural form or added to salads, curries and other dishes. But eating it in its natural form helps you reap its maximum benefits.


Eggs are rich in nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals. Making eggs a daily part of the expectant mother’s diet will do wonders to her immune system. Since eggs do not contain Vitamin C (another essential immunity boosting vitamin for pregnant women), expecting mothers would do well to have eggs with a glass of orange juice (rich source of Vitamin C) or any whole citrus fruit. One extremely important point to remember is not to consume raw or undercooked eggs as it can prove to be poisonous.

Citrus Fruits (Or Foods rich in Vitamin C)

Anything that is a rich source of Vitamin C is good for consumption by the expectant mother. This includes citrus fruits as well as those vegetables which contain a healthy dose of Vitamin C. The recommended daily intake of Vitamin C for women who are pregnant is 5000 mg. It is advisable to reduce the intake if there are signs of diarrhoea.
Consuming the above mentioned foods on a daily basis will help you keep your immune system strong right through the duration of your pregnancy and during lactation as well. Apart from the above mentioned foods, there are quite a few others which will help keep the immunity levels of the expectant mother high all through the pregnancy. Exercise is another form of keeping immunity levels in check and good to incorporate into your pregnancy care.
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