Celebrating Without Sweets

Everyone loves sweets. Especially Indians, as a part of our tradition, always include sweets as a part of all celebrations. Be it festivals, weddings or the wonderful news of having a new born on the way; we proudly celebrate all occasions with sweets. It’s amazing how we choose to ignore the ill-effects of too much sweet in our system. Some people pride themselves saying “Mithai ke bina kya mazaa” and so on. Even though it is acceptable to some extent, it is important to know about the consequences too much sugar can have.

There are a number of dangers linked with having too much sweet in our diets. From tooth and gum diseases to obesity and heart diseases, sugar plays a major role in exposing us to various diseases and risks. Sugar can cause depression; it can damage the heart; and increase the rick of cancer as well as diabetes. It can even cause hyperactivity and ageing.

It is important to understand the risks of eating too much sweet, and try to remove it from our system as well as our tradition. Celebration is not limited to sweets. Care, affection, love, and just being happy are more important and significant means of celebration than distributing sweets to your relatives. If that’s too much to ask for, just go for dry fruits or fruit instead of sweets. Let us make an effort to make this change, and live a healthy and long life. Do share this with your friends and family.