5 Ways to Beat Stress at the Workplace for Working Moms-to-be


Pregnancy is a time when all expectant mothers experience a lot of physical and emotional changes. It is an emotionally trying time when you are trying to cope with the changes happening to your body and simultaneously cope with the various emotional changes you experience including unpredictable mood swings and the stress of holding on to your job if you are working.

This stress only builds up as your pregnancy advances and eventually affects the health of the growing foetus and also has an adverse impact on your general health. This is reason enough for you to incorporate some relaxation techniques as part of your work routine. It is especially important if you are a first-time moms-to-be and new to the changes your bodies would be experiencing. Here are a few ways in which you can manage and reduce your stress while working.


Deep breathing

One of the simplest and easiest ways to cope with stress, especially if you are a working mom-to-be is deep breathing. Since this is something that doesn’t require any equipment, all that is required of you is to take off a few minutes from work. Inhaling and exhaling deeply a few times will help ease the tension built up and ensure you are more relaxed.



It is easy for you to incorporate some light exercise into your work routine. These can be simple exercises such as stretches that can be done at the work desk. Other basic exercises to ease the pain in the neck can also be easily carried out within the confines of your workplace.


Take a walk

If you do not find it relaxing to take off from work for a few minutes and stretch, then it is good to take a walk. If not on the roads, you can easily take a walk in a park close to the workplace where you can get your daily dose of fresh air and some oxygen into the system. Even a single round in the park can help calm down frayed nerves and keep the blood flowing to the growing foetus as well.


Listen to some soft music

If a busy schedule does not allow you to step out of your cubicle or cabin, an easy solution is to listen to some soft music. Listening to soft music (instrumental preferably) creates a calm, soothing environment for you when you are working. This will not only help you in de-stressing but also aid in increased productivity.


Pack some healthy treats

Eating the same kind of foods will become boring after a while. So, to break the monotony and as a mood lifter, you can pack some healthy eats to munch on while working. This can include foods which will add some good nutrition to the system as well as help you keep away from junk food.


Following these simple steps will surely help in reducing your stress while also ensuring you are taking the right steps towards practicing a healthy lifestyle which can come in handy post pregnancy as well.

In addition to these steps, if you wish to incorporate more stress busting techniques into your pregnancy care, fix an appointment with our doctors at Divine Clinic and we’ll help you have a stress-free pregnancy.

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