Adolescent Health Clinic

Sexual health education forms an important aspect of adolescent health education. This is because it
is important to give a holistic view of sexual health as much as regular health. Also, with teen
pregnancies and other sexual health complications in adolescents, it becomes important to educate
and sensitize them about the right sexual health habits. Also it is essential for adolescents to be
given the right perspective and information about sexual intercourse and do’s and don’ts regarding
sexual health.
For this reason, we have a team of doctors who will be involved in educating the adolescents about
sexual health for their age and also about the necessary steps to be taken to ensure proper sexual
Poly cystic ovary syndrome is one of the most common endocrine disorders seen among adolescent
girls. This is generally noticed through an acne spurt, facial hair growth, weight gain, etc. PCOS or
PCOD is not immediately recognized because of the similarity of its symptoms to the first few
months of menarche during which time, the girl goes through more or less the same conditions.
In this age of high stress and sedentary lifestyles, it is not uncommon to find girls who have reached
puberty, having menstrual irregularities or menstrual disturbances. Some of the common menstrual
disturbances include anovulatory bleeding (absent or infrequent or irregular menstrual cycles),
ovulatory bleeding (heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding), menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea, etc.
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